NIX is a tried tested and proven to be an affective solution in aiding in the removal of snake mites over the years by many known and reputable breeders.

We have found ourselves in need to import some of the snakes in our collection in order to acquire the species we seek as the are just not easy to come
by or outright not available as captive bred within North America. As such mites are also sometimes included with the wonderful new acquisition. I would
always recommend when purchasing a new reptile both captive bred as well as wild caught to put it into quarantine for a lengthy period of time to enable
you to monitor it properly in search of any parasites so as they can be treated accordingly and ensure the health of not only the new reptile but all those in
your collection.

There are many commercial products on the market but I find NIX (the same product used to treat head lice) is the most economical and effective thus far;
especially if you have a large collection to treat. The commercial products and NIX contain the same key ingredient; Permethrin 1%

To make it simple I am going to outline a step-by-step for you

Purchase the Nix from any drug store.  It usually comes in a combo pack with a lice comb included.  Clearly the comb is not necessary but I haven’t been
able to find the bottle on its own.  The bottle is small 56g (59ml).  This is a strong concentration and you do NOT want to put the Nix on without diluting it!  

Take the Nix and pour it into 1 gallon (3.76 litres) of water and mix thoroughly.

Pour the thoroughly mixed Nix dilution into spray bottles.

Spray diluted solution all over snake, enclosure and accessories.  Repeat in 2 days and then repeat again 1 time a week for 3 weeks.  Note:  Although Nix
treats lice AND its eggs there have been no testing in this application as far as mite eggs.  This is why the application is repeated; to ensure that any mite
eggs that have hatched are treated before the whole cycle can begin all over again.