First- you will want to mark your heat
tape ends.
Make a small mark about 1/4" in from
the end on the center of each copper

Next- Using a hole punch - regular
school model is fine, punch a hole
centered on each of your marks.

Next- Carefully insert the flat eyelet in
between the laminate layers.
This sometimes takes a little patience!

Next- Line up the eyelet with the hole
and insert the taller half of the rivet
through the hole.

Next- put the shorter half of the rivet
on the protruding tall half.

Now you will need to smush the rivet
completely.  This is best done with the
crimping pliers designed for this.

You know you have a good connection
when you hold the heat tape at the
connection and the eyelet can not pivot on
the rivet.

There should be no movement. If there is
then you will need to crimp the rivet again.

Now you will need to sandwich the
connection between the two pieces of
heavy industrial insulating tape

Repeat this on both rivet connections
and you are done!

*THG* Heat Tape
*THG* Heat Tape