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PE2 laser-guided non-contact infrared thermometer

The PE2 laser-guided non-contact TempGun adds a few more advanced features than
our PE1, but retains a great retail price of just $55 (on sale for $35 — completely
unbeatable in the infrared temp gun world).

The PE2 unit adds a much requested red sighting laser, and an expanded temperature
range to 662F (easily switchable to 350C).

The PE2 has an adjustable emissivity setting for precise calibration, and, perhaps best of
all, a tight infrared “cone” distance to spot ratio (D:S) of 6:1. That means at a distance of
6 inches, you are reading an area just 1 inch in diameter. At a distance of 2 feet, an area
of just 4 inches, as compared to our wider D:S ratio of 1:1 on the PE-1 unit.

MC-1 Storage Case

Strongly consider adding the MC2 metal case to your order. It includes 2 extra batteries,
as well as a wrist strap. Having a secure, safe spot to keep your Temp Gun in is an easily
overlooked consideration. We highly recommend the cases, as do our satisfied
The aluminum case for the PE2 TempGun with its accesories at $10 is a great deal.
Great Temp Gun storage for the tool box, kitchen cabinet, or general work area.

Sighting:   Red laser

Range:  -67°F to 662°F switchable to Celsius (-55°C to 350°C)

Thermocouple Range:  N/A

Resolution:  0.1°

Response Time:  1 second

Accuracy:  ± 1.8°

Field of View (D:S Ratio):  6:1

Modes:  Max/Min/Lock

Emissivity:  0.05-1.00 adjustable (0.95 default)

Battery Life:  40 hours continuous use

Battery:  Two AAA

Display:  LCD

Dimensions:  25 x 44 x 114mm

Weight:  90 grams

Warranty:  1 Year

Range  (-27°F to 428°F) switchable to Celsius (-33°C to
Thermocouple Range  N/A
Resolution  0.1°  
Response Time  1 second  
Accuracy  ± 2°  
Field of View (D:S Ratio) 1:1  
Modes  Max/Min/Lock  
Emissivity  0.95 default  
Battery Life  40 hours continuous use
Battery  One CR2032 battery  
Display  LCD  
Dimensions  25 x 35 x 95mm  
Weight  36 grams  
Special Features  Blister pack, Wrist Strap
Metal Case Available for $10.00!!